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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529411782

Price: £12.99

ON SALE: 17th March 2022

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

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Power always wins.

Imagine Camelot but in Gotham: a city where Arthurian knights are the celebrities of the day, riding on motorbikes instead of horses and competing in televised fights for fame and money.

‘Arthurian legend meets urban fantasy in a brilliant, bloody wild ride’ Jay Kristoff, Sunday Times bestselling author of Aurora Burning

Imagine a city where a young, magic-touched bastard astonishes everyone by becoming king – albeit with extreme reluctance – and a girl with a secret past trains to become a knight for the sole purpose of vengeance.

The boldest, smartest, most adventurous fantasy I’ve read in ages’ Krystal Sutherland, author of Our Chemical Hearts

Imagine a city where magic is illegal but everywhere, in its underground bars, its back-alley soothsayers – and in the people who have to hide what they are for fear of being tattooed and persecuted.

Imagine a city where electricity is money, power the only game worth playing, and violence the most fervently worshipped religion.

‘King Arthur as you’ve never seen him before. The coolest thing you’ll read this year’ Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season and The Priory of the Orange Tree

In this dark, chaotic, alluring place, any dream can come true if you want it hard enough – and if you are prepared to do some very, very bad things to get it . . .


This is an outstandingly well-crafted and absorbing urban/epic/alt-reality/mythic fantasy read
JULIET MCKENNA, author of the No.1 bestselling The Green Man's Heir
Arthurian legend meets urban fantasy in a brilliant, bloody wild ride
JAY KRISTOFF, No.1 New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author
King Arthur as you've never seen him before. Eve doesn't just capture lightning, but commands it, in a riveting tragedy of blood and desire. A masterwork of urban fantasy - and the coolest thing you'll read this year
SAMANTHA SHANNON, author of The Bone Season and The Priory of the Orange Tree
The screaming neon of Bladerunner meets the medieval steel of Arthurian legend in a world that's dizzying in scope and imagination. The boldest, smartest, most adventurous fantasy I've read in ages - and it's really f**ing fun
KRYSTAL SUTHERLAND, author of Our Chemical Hearts [movie out this year!]
This rocks!
Prepare for a politically charged, addictive read
Blackheart Knights takes these familiar stories and makes them into something that is new and inventive - a gritty, grimdark take on a futuristic London. Well-written, compelling and packaged in a way that keeps the reader guessing. Think of this as an old-school thrash metal gig like Slayer or Metallica at their heyday - loud, fast, fun and satisfying as f***
Fun, gritty and imaginative twist on an Arthurian legend, it's an urban fantasy retelling where knights ride bikes rather than horses and compete in gruesome fights in an attempt to win money and fame. I haven't read anything like Blackheart Knights previously and I don't think I ever will again, it's a very unique contemporary take on a well-loved tale
This book is AMAZING! Honestly, everyone needs to read this. It blends the Arthurian legend we all know and love with an intricate and amazingly built urban fantasy world, and I completely devoured it. This has easily made its way onto my favourite books of the year!
This book was a brilliant read, and I'd recommend it to people who are interested in slow-paced, character-focused fantasy with a lot of grittiness. I also loved how there's a lot of casual queerness in this book. It's always great to see this kind of casual representation. Now to wait not-so-patiently for the next one . . .
I was sucked into this world of knights and magic. I loved the way the politics of the world was introduced and how Art's history fed into Red's journey.
Book of the Month at READS RAINBOW
A powerful and moving urban fantasy that I found myself completely immersed in
Eve has created a rounded political fantasy novel that has all the twists and turns you would expect from a Le Carré novel. The bonus is that you also get cool fights, cool bikes, and cool leathers
SF Book Reviews
A vibrantly reimagined urban fantasy
The concept already had me desperate to get my hands on a copy, but the execution was so immaculate that I know I'll be reading Blackheart Knights over and over again. A fresh and fascinating retelling that manages to make Arthurian myth modern, bloody, and pretty darn sexy
Nia’s Book Fort
The most I've enjoyed an Arthurian retelling in a long time. I never felt like I knew exactly where we were going, which meant I stayed hooked
A Medievalist Reads
There's a wealth of imagination on show here
Cheryl Morgan, Salon Futura
A brilliant world not quite like anything I've ever seen before. It's strange, and delightfully different, and it's so beautifully cohesive. I loved every moment of it. It's unquestionably one of the best books of the year
Every Book a Doorway