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ebook / ISBN-13: 9781529426304

Price: £26.97

ON SALE: 8th December 2022

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

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An action-packed mystery adventure by Germany’s Number One bestselling author: choose your adventure when you open DOOR ?, DOOR ! or DOOR X. This omnibus edition includes Doors ? Colony, Doors X Twilight and Doors ! Field of Blood.

When his beloved only daughter goes missing, millionaire entrepreneur Walter van Dam calls in a team of experts – including free-climbers, a geologist, a parapsychologist, even a medium – to find her . . . for Anna-Lena has disappeared somewhere within a mysterious cave system under the old house the family abandoned years ago. But the rescuers are not the only people on her trail – and there are dangers in the underground labyrinth that no one could ever have foreseen.

In a gigantic cavern the team come across a number of strange doors, three of them marked with enigmatic symbols. Anna-Lena must be behind one of them – but time is running out and they need to choose, quickly. Anna-Lena is no longer the only person at risk.

They little expect each of the three doors to lead to a different iteration of the world – one in the past, one in the future and one who knows where – but if the team is to rescue Anna-Lena (and survive themselves) they will have to stop this madness – at all costs!



Three exciting excursions into foreign worlds that can only be described as completely successful!
You always know what to expect from Markus Heitz. Over the years he has been one of the staples of fantasy literature . . . he can be enjoyed by both casual readers as well as by hard-core readers
Talented story-telling ability
Just as talented musicians can create a myriad symphonies with only 12 musical notes,?Heitz?demonstrates how talented writers are able to create greatly enjoyable stories based only a few basic, well known concepts
Speculative Book Review
A great example of action-oriented and unfussy quest literature. Highly recommended.'
SF Crowsnest on The Dwarves
There are a lot of interesting ideas throughout the DOORS experiment. They are action thrillers . . . [they] reminded me of the type of crazed abandonment that someone like Mathew Riley brings to the novels. You should enjoy the ride . . .with its gung-ho action and ephemeral characters, Colony is a book aimed more at the action science-fiction fans who just want a quick and enjoyable read
Heitz likes to play with alternative realities . . . [he] can throw his characters into an old-school slobberknocker of a fight. The X-Files-like mystery is explored in all three novels, from slightly different perspectives
SFBOOK REVIEWS on DOORS ! Field of Blood
Twilight explores the idea of what happens if you leap from dimension to dimension. Imagine the finalé to Monsters Inc but in this case the monsters want to eat your face off rather than just scare you. The movement from one place to another allows for a series of entertaining little novelettes. Heitz can create an interesting and believable future and also manages to create some stalking horror elsewhere within the same story. The books can be read in any order as they are all different in style If you have the previous books fresh in your mind you will see so many more of the tendrils link one to another
Markus Heitz has treated us to an inventive idea and three thrilling novels that entertain throughout
GEEK DAD on the DOORS sequence